A (Healthy) Dose of Advice

I, for one, had a little too much fun this summer (both my wallet and waistline can contest to this), so this week, in keeping with the sleek and tailored silhouettes we can anticipate this fall, I focused on trimming down my spending and giving my daily routine some healthy structure.

Shopping list:

Shelled edamame – I found this favorite salty snack was also a great salad topping when paired with wasabi goat cheese and grape tomatoes. Because the protein in edamame is complete protein, these beans are a good alternative to meat, but without the saturated fat and cholesterol.

Greek yogurt – A daily go-to. I enjoy it on its own, frozen and drizzled with honey for dessert, and with frozen fruit and vanilla soy milk in a smoothie.

Granola bars – I always have a granola bar on hand for a 3PM pick-me-up. It’s also great crumbled up with fruit as a parfait.

White peaches – These sweet little guys are at the end of their season, so I’m eating them any way I can: with breakfast cereal, grilled, or even in a salsa for fish tacos. Peaches are high in vitamin C, dietary fiber, vitamin A, and potassium, so excuse me while I also guiltlessly enjoy them in my white sangria.

Chick peas – The old standby of salad toppings, a great curried side dish, and a base for making your own customized hummus, like this ginger garlic combo.


Pound some pavement – If it’s doable, waking up a little earlier than usual to walk to work is a no-brainer way to cut out transportation costs, get in some additional exercise, and soak up a little vitamin D. I also noticed I was much more alert by the time I got to work.

Deskfast – Getting up and out the door is already a tall order for me, so eating a healthy, balanced breakfast normally falls to the wayside in my morning priorities. This week, I prepared my breakfast the night before (like an egg and vegetable frittata or blueberry and banana muesli), which I packed and brought to work with me.

BYOC – It sounds obvious, but bringing your own cup or mug to work is a green way to help cut down on daily costs. A great big mason jar was perfect for toting my iced coffee and tea, and its presence on my desk reminded me to keep refilling it with water throughout the day to get my eight glasses’ worth.

Work it out – Don’t take that gym at your workplace for granted. Hitting the gym right after work felt like a natural extension of my work day and gave me no chance to get distracted between work and the gym. (And trust me, when you live in the North End of Boston, with cannolis and gelato on every corner, distractions are all too easy to come by!)

By Grace Romanowsky, Staff Writer

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