Behold: A Winter Without Hat Hair

Knit caps are the pinnacle of cool. There’s no question there. What isn’t cool, though? Hat hair.

Until a matted-down mane’s suddenly in vogue, here’s how to keep your tresses looking their best – without sacrificing winter’s have-to-have accessory.

Hat Hair

Wait until your hair is totally dry before putting on your cap. Otherwise, the cap will shape your strands. And 99% of the time, that shape is usually not for the better.

Restore the oomph once you remove your hat. Just take a travel-sized spray bottle – you can buy them at almost any drugstore – and fill it with your go-to hair revitalizer. Hair spray. Volumizer. Smoothing serum. Whatever works best for you. Keep that bottle handy in your bag. When the time calls, fluff in said product, and voilà – reinvigorated hair, on the go.

Tie your hair up into a bun and tuck it under your cap. Think of this as style preservation. Perched high on your head, that twisted bun is storing all kinds of shape for your hair. So once you remove your hat and let your locks down – the body is still intact.

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By Sarah Stanley, Staff Writer

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