A Harem-Pant History: From the Persian Empire to Hammertime

With a relaxed fit and cinched hem, the harem pant is a cool option on a hot day. But before you seek stylish relief in this versatile piece, find out where it has cropped up in the past.
History of the Harem Pant

First appearing in Persia 2,000 years ago, the original loose-fitting pant was a practical and modest choice for women. The baggy fit allowed them to comfortably complete household chores without revealing their feminine shape (to do so at the time was frowned upon).

Fast-forward a few centuries and head over to the Western world, where harem pants were worn by women’s-rights activists in hopes of breaking gender stereotypes.

In more recent years, “drop-crotch” pants have popped up on TV (NBC’s I Dream of Jeannie), the silver screen (Disney’s Aladdin), and on stage (Hammertime, anyone?). Now, while these may not be the most stylish of examples, you can rest assured that today, we’ve finally mastered the slouchy look.

By Jillian Hudon, Staff Writer

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