Fitness Essentials: It’s All in the (Gym) Bag

I like to keep a workout bag packed and ready by the door at all times. I have a preposterously hard time motivating myself to go to the gym post-beach season (“But it’s dark out! But Tuesday is the new Thirsty Thursday!”). So having that bag packed and ready to go is absolutely key.

Its typical contents? Everything from the prettiest hair elastics known to man to punchy kicks that give even the least motivated days a pop of gotta-get-to-the-gym excitement.

Counterclockwise from left. 

The Bag: Gone are the days when I used to carry adidas soccer bags to the gym (ohh, high school). This checkered satchel is sporty-meets-cool – and can totally pass for a weekender, too.

The Music Maker: I’m mildly obsessed with my iPhone®. It’s fabulous for playing pump-up tunes, timing how long I can stay in plank (answer: not long), and making it possible to check work email while doing crunches.

The Kicks: Cushioned and just the right amount of bright, these sneaks are cute enough to tackle my morning commute, too.

The Watch: Okay, so do I really need a watch when I have a phone with me? Eh. But this one just makes everything look so Sporty Spice. In the best of ways.

The Water Bottle: A little shameless self-promotion? I can’t resist it – my Rue water bottle is just too cute.

The Hair Accessories: Treadmill without a hair tie? Major fail. So I won’t leave home without these knotted elastic hair ties. You can find them everywhere from Sephora to Etsy in a host of hues (and even glitter). As for tackling those leftover hair wispies? A drugstore hair clip is an absolute staple.

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By Joanna Berliner, Editor

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