Guys, Plaid's Back: Here's How to Wear It

Let’s go back. Way, way back. To a time before Seattle grunge and even before the Brawny Man. Okay, we’re there. Look around. See that? Guys are wearing plaid. Guys have always been wearing plaid. Plaid is a bona fide classic. And as any guy even barely hip to today’s menswear scene knows, tradition is having a serious moment.

So now that you’ve realized you can’t live without a plaid shirt (or ninety), let’s talk about how you wear it. Because though tossing one on by itself is easy stuff – and perfectly fine – you can do better than that.

Men's Plaid

Layer it under a sweater. If you’re new to the powers of plaid, wearing your shirt under a crewneck (or V-neck) knit is your toe-in-the-water approach. And that’s totally allowed.

Add a skinny knit tie. Go ahead – be that steamy prep-school professor everyone was passing notes about.

Keep it open over a T-shirt. No, you won’t look like Cory Matthews – as long as you’re intentional about the shirt you wear underneath. I’d recommend a white or heather-grey V-neck tee to balance out the busy top layer.

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By Sarah Stanley, Staff Writer

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