It's All About the Fit: Tips for Finding This Year's Winter Jacket

It’s easy to forget about fit when you’re reaching for a jacket to keep you warm in the bitterly cold months. But a good-fitting jacket is worth a few extra minutes of research. Trust us, and read on.

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Size Up
Winter jackets are meant to be worn over thick sweaters and warm layers. Therefore, they require extra room for the added bulk. To make sure your coat fits, throw on a chunky knit and check if you can cross your hands over your chest comfortably.

There is one exception to this rule, however, and that’s with leather. You see, leather tends to stretch, so the more you wear it out, the more roomy and relaxed it’ll get. Plus, since leather jackets won’t be tailored, it’s important that the hem and sleeves be just the right length (which won’t be the case if you size up).

Watch Out for Padding
Most classic duffle numbers and peacoats have padded shoulders – which work when worn with a sweater or button-front. But with a suit? That’s where you get into trouble. Most suit jackets are already packing shoulder padding, and when they’re paired with a padded overcoat, the result can be an overly boxy look and overall uncomfortable fit.

Go Long
When picking out a winter jacket, taking note of the hem is essential. Avoid outerwear with a shorter hemline than your lower layers. Sweaters and tees poking out from underneath your jacket makes for an unwanted unkempt look. If you do opt for a short-style jacket, it’s important to pick one that hits just a smidge below the waistband.

By Alex Tighe, Staff Writer

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