The Guy’s Closet: Don’t Overlook These 3 Things

Newsflash: a man’s closet needs more than a door and set of hand-me-down hangers. Add these three essentials now for a wardrobe that lasts for years to come.

The fitting room

1. Wooden Hangers
Sure, it’s great that the dry cleaner gives you heaps of free hangers – but save them for your polos. Suits and sport coats are best kept on wide (over 1/2-inch-thick) wooden hangers, which help them retain shape in the shoulder.

2. Shoe Trees
In the words of Esquire, “Shoe trees are crucial.” They absorb moisture from your recently worn shoes, helping them dry to their ideal shape. Be sure to slip them in immediately after wear – the most important time to use them is within the hour (or two).

3. Collar Stays
Those little white tabs that are more of a hassle than anything? They prevent what GQ calls “pancake collar” – when you go tie-free and your collar flattens and “sinks beneath the lapels of your jacket.” Don’t throw them out. (If you already did, buy more, preferably of the stainless steel variety.) Remember: dapper is in the details.

By Joanna Berliner, Editor

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