Don't Be That Guy: How to Tell If a Suit Actually Fits

The impeccably tailored suit. It basically radiates power. You put it on, step into a room, and – bam – you own it. Heads turn. People respect you. Want to get to know you. The ill-fitting suit, on the other hand? It means none of that. Even if you’ve splurged on the finest brands, if the suit doesn’t fit, screw it.

So before your next big presentation or night downtown, suit up, step in front of a full-length mirror, and ask yourself these six questions.

Fitting Room-The impeccable Suit

1. Do the shoulder pads end right at my shoulder? 
They do? Okay, good.

2. Where does the middle button of my three-button suit (or the top button of my two-button suit) fall?
It should never be below your belly button.

3. How long is my jacket?
If it’s the right length, the bottom should hit at your knuckles when your arms are down by your sides.

4. Where do my jacket sleeves hit? 
The correct answer: right in that space between your wrist and the top of your thumb.

5. Can you see my shirt cuff peeking out?
Hope so. Aim for a quarter- to a half-inch of cuff exposure.

6. How much break do I have?
If your pant crease barely reaches the top of your shoe and the seam doesn’t kink in, you have “no break.” Don’t be that guy. Ideally, you want around an inch of break, or kink, in the pant seam.

By Joanna Berliner, Editor

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