In Good Fashion: Sseko Designs

Images via Sseko Designs

By this point in the summer, we usually feel as though we’ve seen every sandal style on the planet – which made stumbling upon Sseko Designs‘ one-of-a-kind creations absolutely thrilling.

Not only are these sandals beyond unique (their interchangeable straps can be styled more than 100 different ways), but they also boast the exact colors, textures, and lines we’d choose if designing our dream sandal was in the cards (the people at Martha Stewart are with us on this one). Once we learned that these stunners are sending Ugandan women in need to university? Let’s just say – ownership went from “yes, please” to bona fide non-negotiable.

Founded by Liz Forkin Bohannon in 2008, Sseko (pronounced “say-ko”) Designs’ mission is to provide young Ugandan women with a sense of dignity and empowerment in a society where most opportunities are reserved for men.

How does the company achieve this? By hiring women who’ve reached their nine-month gap between high school and university, then directing 50% of the women’s respective salaries to accounts that cannot be accessed until tuition payment is due. As Sseko Designs explains, for every dollar a woman in a developing economy earns, 90% of it goes straight to her family, instead of toward her education; but by keeping funds secure, higher education is a possibility for promising young women who wouldn’t have access to it otherwise.

And it’s working, to say the very least: every woman who’s graduated from Sseko Designs is currently pursuing her college education.

(That certainly justifies buying a few more pairs.)

By Sarah Stanley, Staff Writer

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