In Good Fashion: SOLO Eyewear

Images via SOLO Eyewear

Since 2011, approximately 2,400 people in need across the globe have had their vision restored. Another feat by UNICEF, you ask? Nope – it was by way of SOLO Eyewear, and their utterly chic bamboo sunglasses.

While eye care is so easy to take for granted (I can’t imagine getting through the day-to-day without my own glasses), it turns out that nearly one billion people around the world are without access to it. An even more staggering statistic? About 80% of the world’s blindness is preventable.

The brainchild of San Diego State University classmates (and now alums) Jenny Amaraneni, Craig Stern, and Dana Holliday, SOLO Eyewear’s model is simple: With each purchase of a pair of SOLO sunglasses, eye care (be it surgery or prescription glasses) is provided for two people in need. Working in part with L V Prasad Eye Institute, Aravind Eye Care System, and Restoring Vision, SOLO was able to fund 150 cataract surgeries and 2,250 pairs of reading glasses in just a year and a half – all through the sale of their sunglasses.

The sunglasses are, hands down, so cool. I’m equal parts obsessed with the Bamblues and pretty much every style from their RAW Artists Competition (they’re available on pre-order now, for $150).

The long and short of it? Get out there and spread the word about SOLO Eyewear (after you snag your own pair of shades, that is).

By Sarah Stanley, Staff Writer

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