In Good Fashion: Krochet Kids international

Image via Krochet Kids

Think that changing a life requires more than a crochet hook and yarn? Think again.

Three friends from Spokane – Kohl, Travis, and Stewart – got into crocheting in high school as a quirky hobby of sorts – a hobby that just happened to produce hats so fantastic, they sparked a local following (the area newspaper dubbed them “Krochet Kids”). Once college came around, though, the three friends parted ways, and their crafty venture was put on hold.

With college came volunteer trips to developing nations, where the guys experienced poverty first hand. They knew they wanted to help in some way, but weren’t sure how – until Stewart took a life-changing trip to Uganda.

With rebel armies having wreaked havoc in the north, people in northern Uganda had been living in government-run camps for 20 years, meaning 20 years spent relying solely on outside help for, simply put, everything.

Enter: the hook and yarn. Employing these people to crochet hats, the guys realized, would not only give them their own income, but an empowering sense of self-reliance. And they were right.

Krochet Kids international earned its non-profit status in 2008 and has been thriving ever since, with more than 150 people in Uganda and Peru working on its behalf (not to mention receiving mentorship and education). Those crocheted hats from the guys’ high school days? They’re still a pivotal part of the brand – which has since expanded to include tees, the perfect work-out tank, crocheted bow ties, a partnership with Vans, and more. Proof that passion can make anything possible? You’re looking at it.

By Sarah Stanley, Staff Writer

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