All That Glitters is Gold: Holiday Makeup Tips

The holidays are upon us – and so are the seemingly endless party invitations. In order to look appropriately glam for every RSVP, we deferred to Rue Stylist Rachael for tips on updating our standard smoky eye and red lip.

Her advice? Go gold. We did – and love it. Here’s how to nail the look.


  • Snag three shades of gold eye makeup – light, medium, and dark.
  • Always use eye primer before application to prevent creasing.
  • Apply the light shade of gold from the top of your brow down to the lid. This will create a pretty, soft sheen all over.
  • To create depth and dimension, apply the medium tone to your entire bottom lid.
  • In a triangular motion, apply the darkest shade to the corners of your eyes.
  • Line them up: Using a flat liner brush, apply liner to the top and bottom lid. For brown eyes, use a navy blue liner. For green eyes, use dark brown or experiment with a purple liner. For blue eyes, black or blue liner will work best for this look.
  • Apply liner only halfway on your bottom lid.
  • For lashes, double up layers to intensify volume. A standard black mascara should be used for all eye colors.


  • To achieve that dewy look, apply a touch of moisturizer all over.
  • Apply a thin layer of foundation.
  • Pro tip: Cover up blemishes with concealer after you apply your foundation. As Rachael says, concealer will be your BFF when you’re running on a work-to-party schedule this season.
  • Use a soft pink blush to finish the look and keep your face looking fresh.


  • Instead of going down the road of classic red, a bright berry hue will pop against all skin tones.
  • Prepare your lips by gently exfoliating with a baby toothbrush and Vaseline®.
  • Using short strokes, apply a liberal amount of liner. For brighter colors, liner will last longer than a gloss or lipstick. Permission to party all night without reapplying? Granted.


By Lauryn Paiva, Staff Writer

What makeup trends will you be trying this holiday season? Share them in the comments below or tweet us @ruelala.

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