Give Luxury: Outside-the-Box Picks


We all have them – those friends with interests so specific, they make shopping quite a challenge. Fear not! We have just the things to save the day. Below, some incredibly thoughtful (and totally luxe) picks for those hard-to-shop-for loved ones.

Card shark: They always beat you at Gin Rummy, but this deck is a sure way to upstage their card-game prowess.

World traveler: This paperweight will inspire hours of daydreaming about their trailblazing adventures (even when chained to a desk).

Fashion fanatic: Why limit snow globes to places they’ve visited? This treasure showcases the greatest love of all – Louis Vuitton.

Game-night hostess: These logo-emblazoned Dominoes are the perfect way to subtly remind game-night participants that their hostess has incredible taste.

Stylish academic: Sure, it may not be the most functional globe in the world. But it’s got style – and isn’t that what counts most?

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By Anna Kuchinsky, Staff Writer

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