Girl’s Got Polish: The Year of the Manicure

Photo Courtesy of Kristin Ess

There’s no doubt about it – 2012 is the year of nail polish. You can’t throw a rock at a Pinterest board without coming across one amazing nail look after another. So we weeded through the mass of pins, posts, and likes and discovered three news-worthy tidbits that your toss may have missed:

  • Even though we’re still in the thick of summer, this nail polish look from The Beauty Department is making us wish it was fall. We can’t wait to try this matte and glossy black-on-black look when the mercury drops.
  • Children of the ’90s – listen up. Saved By The Bell-inspired nail polish exists. And bottles cost less than a dollar.
  • From, a fun little piece on what your favorite brand of nail polish says about you.

What are your favorite nail trends this summer? Leave us a note in the comments below or for more nail inspiration, follow us on Pinterest.

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