Getting Schooled in Style

Being Schooled in Style by the Under 12 Set

We asked the youngsters of four Rue associates to dress their parents for a day at the office and teach us all that they could about style. Needless to say, it was quite an education.

Lesson #1: It’s okay to break out your party clothes on a Monday.
Maureen’s bright paisley dress doesn’t get as much wear as it deserves – at least according to Henry, age 6 3/4 – so the Rue stylist donned it for the normal workday. “It must have been infectious because I got tons of smiles,” she says. So why did Henry opt for more formal attire? “It has all my favorite colors,” he says. “I like that it has pink – because pink is for girls. I like that it has orange too. Orange is my favorite color.”

Lesson #2: Dress for an adventure.
When he learned he’d have to wear soccer shorts paired with dress shoes, Colin, our SVP of User Experience, was a bit skeptical (and we’re putting that lightly). What was son Jack (11) thinking? It’s simple. “If you’re going to play soccer after work, you don’t even have to change!” he explains. Whether you’re a sports aficionado or consider shopping your cardio, make sure to get on board by dressing for some spontaneous fun.

Lesson #3: You can never over-accessorize.
Here at Rue, we love a good statement necklace – but multiples? Our Copy Director, Rachel, thought she might be breaking some sartorial rules when Jack (8) layered on a beaded necklace and choker (not to mention a big woven gold bracelet and a few bangles for good measure). “The night before work he said ‘So will we finish tomorrow?,’” she laughs. “He wanted to add even more in the morning.” Jack, we say your choices would make Carrie Bradshaw oh-so-proud.

And don’t forget the waist. Jack explains, “Belts are my favorite item of clothing because they make my pants feel good.”

Lesson #4: Metallics are for daytime, too.
The world according to Sydney (3): “Girly, bedazzled and pink, of course,” says mom Robin, a User Experience Designer, so she was hardly surprised when Syd picked an outfit with a little bit of shine. “While I never would think to wear these shoes before because they were so in-your-face silver, Sydney gave me the confidence that I needed.”

We’ll be sure to study our notes and take all this into consideration when we get dressed in the morning. What’s the best style lesson your kids have taught you?


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