Getting-Ready Secrets (That Every Girl Should Know)

It’s a Tuesday morning. You’re rushing to get ready and out the door in record time (again). It’s moments like these when a woman calls upon a trusty trove of secrets. The secrets that grandmothers pass down to mothers, mothers to daughters, and so on. The ones that keep a woman looking her best at all times – without seeming as if she’s even tried.

That next crazy Tuesday morning, here’s what to keep in mind as you get dressed.


Opt for SPANX®.
Repeat after me: SPANX® is king. From top to bottom, it has your smoothest shape in store. Not to mention a serious confidence boost. Why wouldn’t you start your morning by slipping it on? Exactly.

Give static a run for its money.
You’ve just showered, the air in your apartment is dry, and, oh yeah, it’s no longer July. This is where static would typically take over. Mist a little hairspray over the inside of the fabric in question, though, and – goodbye, awkward clinging.

Know this: your eyes don’t have to look red.
Sure, that third glass of wine seemed like a great idea at the time. Not so much the next morning. Your solution? White eyeliner, to conceal those reddened lids. Because no one really has to know about last night. (Unless you Instagrammed the heck out of it. In which case – good luck.)

Remove the deodorant spots.
We all know that deodorant stains are borderline impossible to remove. Unless you take two pieces of the affected fabric and rub them together. Don’t ask me why, but this will eliminate those pesky white spots without fail.

Depill the pilling sweater.
I get it. You love that chunky merino turtleneck sweater so much, you’d sleep in it. Nay – you have slept in it. And chances are, there are pills to show for all this knit loving. Don’t fret, though. You can remove them with pumice or a fruit zester. (Secret’s safe with me.)

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By Sarah Stanley, Staff Writer

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