Weekend “It” List: Hit the Road for Frozen Yogurt

In the midst of summer, whether it’s 90 degrees or cool and rainy, no one ever says no to frozen yogurt. (Especially since it might be the biggest craze since delivery pizza in the ’80s.) And no matter where you are in the country, there’s a fro yo place that’s calling your name. Take a drive this weekend and sample one of these – because why not?

Boston, MA
Pinkberry: We were a little late to get on the fro yo bandwagon in Boston, but Pinkberry’s still at the top of my list. It’s always worth the long lines you’ll find.

Mixx: This help-yourself fro yo bar charges by the ounce, so if you choose your toppings carefully, you could walk out the door having satisfied your sweet tooth for pennies. Almost.

New York, NY
16 Handles: Another self-serve spot, the toppings (think chocolate-covered pretzels and dark-raspberry truffle cups) really elevate frozen yogurt to gourmet standards.

Red Mango: Basically a NYC institution. And if Zagat likes it, why shouldn’t we?

Chicago, IL
Berrymoon: Here, the fro yo is made with one of the most beneficial, live natural yogurt cultures. In layman’s terms? It’s healthy. Hello, dessert win.

Pittsburgh, PA
Betsy’s: Located in Mt. Lebanon, Betsy’s offers homemade ice cream and frozen yogurt in a huge variety of flavors. And for just a couple of extra dollars, you get the crown jewel: an unlimited toppings bar.

Dallas, TX
Yogurtland: Talk about exotic flavors. From New York cheesecake and boysenberry to mango piña colada and chocolate coconut truffle, there’s a chance you’ll never leave. (Until you try them all. Twice.)

San Diego, CA
Yogurt on the Rocks: A lounge-like atmosphere where you can eat frozen yogurt and use free Wi-Fi? I thought San Diego couldn’t get better, but looks like it’s time to reconsider.

Phoenix, AZ
Mojo: With a website that lists yogurt’s health benefits as “lowers LDL cholesterol,” “boosts immune system,” and “increases mineral and vitamin absorption,” that extra helping of Cabo Kahlua is totally justified.

Lakewood, WA
Black Bear Frozen Yogurt: Just south of Tacoma, this little gem is worth the drive. The best part? 90% of the flavors offered are fat free, gluten free, and lactose free. (And all 100% are melt-in-your-mouth delicious.)

– By Melissa Mann, Staff Writer

What’s your favorite fro yo spot? Leave us a comment, or tweet us an Instagram pic of your snack at @ruelala.

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