Passport to Style: Get the French, Belgian, or Italian Look at Home

With its centuries-long history of art and craftsmanship, it’s a no-brainer that Europe is one of the world’s most stylish continents. Here, we share tips for incorporating three of its countries’ distinct looks into your home.052714_blog

The French-Country Kitchen

Palette: Cream and red with hints of pale yellow, dark green, orange, and brown.

Materials: Wood, copper, linen, ceramic, and glass.

Buzzwords: Casual elegance. Farm, animal, and garden motifs. Vintage-inspired. Handmade feel.


The Belgian-Style Sitting Room

Palette: Warm neutral shades like grey, putty, and cream.

Materials: Handwrought iron, unpainted wood, stone, and slubby linen.

Buzzwords: Clean lines. Clutter-free. Lived-in luxe. Large-scale furnishings.


The Italian-Luxury Bedroom

Palette: Crisp white and cream. Soft, subtle colors like light green, navy blue, and burnt orange.

Materials: Egyptian cotton, percale, silk, and cashmere.

Buzzwords: Monochromatic. Embroidered borders. Small-scale prints and patterns. Neatly piled pillows.


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