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Football Rules

I love me a good football game. The snacks! The parties! The commercials! Oh, and the actual game. To be honest, grasping the terminology has always been a struggle for me. There’s no way I’m alone in this (don’t be ashamed). So here’s a rundown of the top terminology you’ll need to know for the fast-approaching Super Bowl, with a very Rue twist.

Snap: This is the action that sets every play in motion, where the ball is tossed to the quarterback (or kicker, depending on the play). In terms of Rue, it’s like the clock striking 11AM. And… go!

Touchdown: You probably already know this one. It’s the term for football’s biggest score, worth six points. Think of this as getting to Rue at 11AM on the dot, just in time to scoop up that last FENDI satchel you’ve been eyeing. Doesn’t get any better than this!

Field goal: Football’s consolation score. If a team runs out of downs within distance of the end zone, they can kick a field goal worth three points. That’s like getting to Rue at 11:10 (don’t you hate those long-running meetings?). The FENDI satchel is gone… but hey, there’s still the FENDI pochette! Things aren’t looking so bad, after all.

Fumble: When a player loses possession of the ball while they are carrying it. This is like when you’re browsing a sale with an item in your cart, but upon heading to checkout, what’s this? The item is now sold out? NO!

Hail Mary: Now, this is the big time. One of the most exciting plays in the game, the quarterback attempts a long pass as a last-ditch effort to score before the clock runs out. This is like our Quick! Buy It option – when you’re using that, you’re going for the big payoff.

Got it? I thought so. Now you’re officially ready to take on that Super Bowl party. Next up – hockey? We’ll see…

By Anna Kuchinsky, Staff Writer

What are your favorite parts of football? Got any more great terminology analogies? Share them in the comments below, or tweet us at @ruelala.

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