Flower Power: Your Romance Decoder

We’re typically at a loss when sending flowers. After all, who knew that almost every detail sends a signal, right down to the color and number of petals? This Valentine’s Day, thanks to a little help from the pros at KaBloom, we’re bidding farewell to floral faux pas (and making sure we never, ever send red roses to our boss again).


For: The Girl Next Door
Pluck this: White Daisy
What it says: “I think you’re innocent, loyal, and pure. And I could definitely bring you home to Mom and Dad.”

For: The Pal
Pluck this: Yellow Gerbera Daisy or Yellow Rose
What it says: “You’re fun to be around, but we are Just, with a capital J, friends.”

For: The Crush
Pluck this: Stargazer Lily
What it says: “Get a chance to get to know me, and you’ll see…”

For: The Flirt
Pluck this: Pink Rose
What it says: “You’re sweet, but I can see your games.”

For: The Siren
Pluck this: Red Tulip
What it says: “You’re completely irresistible.”

For: The Romantic
Pluck this: White Hydrangea
What it says: “You’re devoted, and so am I.”

For: The Soulmate
Pluck this: Purple Iris
What it says: “With these three petals, symbolizing faith, wisdom, and valor, I’m here for you forever.”

For: The True Love
Pluck this: Red Rose
What it says: “I’m serious about you (and us).”


For: The Guy’s Guy
Pluck this: Fuji Mum or Blue Orchid
What it says: “You’re lively, fun, and easy to be around.”

For: The Party Boy
Pluck this: Orange Gerbera Daisy
What it says: “I like to have a good time – and you’re the first one I call to start the party!”

For: The Bad Boy
Pluck this: Orange Lily
What it says: “I’m not sure where this is going, but you have my attention.”

For: The Strong, Silent Type
Pluck this: Ginger
What it says: “You’re individualistic and strong, and I just can’t get enough.”

The KaBloom Boutique is open today, February 1, 2012 through February 7, 2012, in all Local cities; opens in Rue Washington DC tomorrow.


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