Five-Minute Pow-Wow: Rosanna Talks Home, Style, and Entertaining



We’re in love with Rosanna’s whimsical, upbeat, and perfectly modern pieces. Here, we sit down with Rosanna herself for an insider take on home and entertainment style.

Rue La La: We are just dipping into the world of mixing prints in fashion. What are some rules of thumb for print-mixing at home?
Rosanna: There are no rules anymore. You can make anything your own. Be creative, do what you like, mix old and new. The La Vie Boho is a mixed pattern – it’s a combination of six different periods of design, and they each complement the next.

Rue La La: What’s a home trend right now that makes you say “It’s about time”?
Rosanna: I’m glad to find that many families are again eating together at the table. We need to focus on our home and remember it as the center of everything good. Families should unplug from their email, computers, and electronic devices and focus on each other.

Rue La La: What makes an amazing dinner party?
Rosanna: Amazing dinner parties are about expressing who you are. Using the table setting and dishes, the food you prepare, and the ambiance you create to bring people together. Never forget to carefully choose candles, flowers, music, and guests.

Rue La La: We plan to use your whimsical dessert plates as trinket trays in our dressing room. Tell us about some of the unexpected ways you use your own favorite pieces.
Rosanna: I’ve found it fun to use decorative mugs for makeup brushes. I also like to use colorful bowls as candy dishes.

Rue La La: We want to stash away some of your travel-inspired totes as gifts for high-flying friends. Tell us about your approach to gift giving.
Rosanna: I keep a gift closet and it’s stocked with items I’ve found – especially while traveling. Most have been purchased for a friend’s future birthday or a hostess gift. Many times though, the treasures never make it into the gift closet and are given shortly after finding them “just because.”

Rue La La: We can’t wait to read your new book. What prompted you to write it?
Rosanna: I wrote Coming Home because I felt people needed a guide to getting back to living well and establishing traditions and rituals that are missing in today’s modern world.

Rue La La: Where in your house did you write it? Do you have a cozy writer’s nook?
Rosanna: I wrote Coming Home at my kitchen table, surrounded by candles and pictures of my children, with jazz music lightly playing in the background. The ambiance worked!

Rosanna also shared a great recipe with us for summer pasta – find it on Facebook.

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