Five-Minute Pow-Wow: Douglas Little Talks Mood Lighting


D.L. & Co.

Douglas Little isn’t your typical candle connoisseur. He dubs himself a “modern alchemist” – and we couldn’t agree more. These waxy masterpieces aren’t your typical coffee table trinket. Not only do they smell intoxicating, but these candles are edgy, hauntingly beautiful, and have a way of creating instant ambiance. Here, the alchemist talks about his burning passion.

Rue La La: Name three moments that just can’t happen without candlelight.
Douglas: Morning, afternoon, and evening. Candlelight makes everything more interesting and creates ambiance. I recently hosted a breakfast at my house and thought – why not put all the candelabras out? Candlelight complimented by sunlight is magical and made my eggs Benedict even more delish.

Rue La La: If a candle is used to set The Mood, who has to get up and blow it out before going to sleep?
Douglas: Whoever has been hitting the gym more often!

Rue La La: What is your favorite candle?
Douglas: Our new “Essence of Green” fragrance. I love everything about it. I’m totally obsessed with the color green and just “green” fragrances in general. This candle fills the room with fresh-cut basil, velvety geranium, and crisp mint – absolute heaven.

Rue La La: Where’s an unexpected place to put a candle?
Douglas: I love to place small votive candles behind objects/books/sculptures. It creates beautiful shadows and outlines objects with soft light.

Rue La La: How do you like to light candles?
Douglas: I’m very superstitious and believe you must light a candle with intention. I am very cautious to clear my mind prior to striking a match.

Rue La La: Which legends would you have loved to give candles to? What would their candles smell like?
Douglas: The Marquesa Casati – it would have smelled of wet animal fur, frankincense, myrrh, and blue lotus absolute. Billie Holiday – gardenias. And Johnny Cash – whiskey, cola, and tobacco.

Rue La La: What candle scents are the biggest turn-on and biggest turn-off?
Douglas: Turn-on: Amber. Turn-off: Berry-scented candles.

Rue La La: Can candlelight make someone fall in love?
Douglas: It certainly can be very seductive. Candlelight is so complimentary and makes everyone look beautiful. The very act of lighting a candle creates drama and touches a primal chord within us.


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