Five-Minute Pow-Wow: Busy Philipps On Fun-Loving Style

We grabbed a few minutes with the fun-spirited actress/mom/philanthropist, and were instantly inspired by her lively outlook.

Rue La La: Your Boutique will benefit the Step Up Women’s Network – tell us about this organization.
Busy: Step Up is an organization that does two things simultaneously: It puts professional women in a mentoring position with underserved teen girls, and puts like-minded professional women in contact with each other, helping to advance women all across the board.

Rue La La: That’s such an inspiring mission – did you have women in your life who have helped to guide you through your career?
Busy: My agent Lorrie Bartlett is one of my personal mentors. My friends and costars Christa Miller and Courteney Cox have become my working mommy mentors. I know I can always call any of those ladies, any time of day or night if I’m in need of advice!

Rue La La: Speaking of influence, who are your fashion icons?
Busy: Women who take risks. Carrie Bradshaw, for sure. Alexa Chung is so cute and vibrant and hip; I can’t dress like her much because that’s not really my style, but I love seeing what she wears. I always think Nicole Richie looks amazing and tries out different looks. Kate Winslet, Cate Blanchett, and of course, my friend Michelle Williams.

Rue La La: How do you describe your personal fashion sense?
Busy: Eclectic. I love to mix vintage, designer, and less-expensive brands. I love colliding patterns and colors. I read fashion magazines for inspiration every season and then, as I get dressed, I think to myself: “Is this a Lucky outfit? Would this be in ELLE?” I’ve been doing that since high school.

Rue La La: How do you dress your daughter to reflect your bubbly style?
Busy: She is at an age where she likes to have a say in what she wears, and she generally makes good decisions. The hardest part with her is the dreaded jacket/sweater conversation! She hates wearing them but also hates to be cold.

Rue La La: Do you see yourself in your daughter?
Busy: Yes and no. I see my husband in her a lot. She makes really animated faces, though, which is so me. We have the same scowl. She’s also got a really weird sense of humor – which I think she gets from both of us!

Rue La La: With award season wrapping up, we’ve been seeing you and your friend Michelle Williams out and about together. Do you two coordinate outfits?
Busy: I try to compliment her choices on the red carpet. If you’ll be photographed together, you don’t want to clash. She always chooses her dress first – I mean, she’s the one up for an award!

Rue La La: We’ve seen photos of your home and we love how you’ve decorated. What’s your design philosophy?
Busy: I love it. I’m a Cancer, as is my husband, so, if you believe in that stuff, our home is really important to us. I know people who move in somewhere and have the place decorated fully in a week – that’s not how we roll. It takes us years to find the perfect thing. To me, the things in your home should be a collection, not a page out of a lookbook.

Rue La La: We hear you’re quite the host. Any tips for throwing together an impromptu party?
Busy: Have a specialty cocktail (a spicy mojito is great) and get square ice cube trays – people are always impressed by square ice. Put together a cheese and charcuterie plate with some crackers, a quince paste, and truffle honey – yum! And never underestimate a game of Charades – everyone always end up having fun. Trust me.

Our Doing A Little Good: Busy Philipps – A Curated Boutique To Benefit The Step Up Women’s Network opens March 1, 2012 at 11AM ET.

Rue La La is donating to Ms. Philipps’s charity of choice, the Step Up Women’s Network, in her name.



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