Five-Minute Pow-Wow: Beverly Feldman Schools Us on How to Shine


Beverly Feldman

Just dripping with rhinestones and festooned with floral embellishments, Beverly Feldman designs footwear that whisks us off our feet. Needless to say, we were beyond excited to chat personal style with the designer.

Rue La La: You’re a bold and confident woman with a very definitive sense of style. What advice do you have to offer other women looking to formulate their own personal style?
Beverly: You need creativity to have personal style. Personal style is the same as package design. You are the package. It is how you choose to present yourself to the world. I decided when I was very young I wanted to be a “star” so I started to dress like one. And voilà, people began to think of me in star terms. All of my outfits were and still are memorable.

Rue La La: Why shoes?
Beverly: I always loved shoes from the age of ten. And the cutest boys worked at our local shoe store. There will forever be a connection between shoes and sex, from both sides.

Rue La La: We believe that personal style transcends clothes. In the culinary sense of the phrase, tell us about your favorite meal.
Beverly: I always order very low calorie so I can order a good dessert at the end. I don’t waste calories on alcohol either. I would really prefer to just have dessert and skip the appetizer and the main course.

Rue La La: What’s the most outrageous outfit that you’ve ever worn and where were you headed?
Beverly: Do you really want to know? A pair of black satin tap lingerie Janet Reger shorts with a black sheer scarf… and black studded cowboy boots. Studio 54.

Rue La La: We want the inside scoop: tell us about the contents of your handbag.
Beverly: Lipsticks, maybe 4. My Chanel mirror. Credit cards. Nylon mesh bag to keep it all in. Change. Lots of charge card receipts.

Rue La La: What is one thing that you absolutely cannot live without?
Beverly: Tweezers.

Rue La La: Who’s your all-time favorite fictional character?
Beverly: Scarlett O’Hara because she made her outfits from whatever was around, she had Rhett/Clark Gable, and she believed everything would be okay tomorrow.

Rue La La: Where do you head for fashion inspiration? Any Manhattan go-tos?
Beverly: I don’t shop in Manhattan, only Paris and Milan, and Ibiza.

Rue La La: You’ve mentioned that your collection is not designed based on trends and color predictions. So what drives your collection?
Beverly: Me. I always design with myself in mind. They are shoes I would wear. I always think if I like them, other women will also like them. I have built my business on this philosophy. I am a woman designing for other women. Most shoe designers are men.

Rue La La: You have a house in Ibiza, Spain, as well as Manhattan – talk about amazing locales. What’s your absolute favorite travel destination?
Beverly: Paris is one of my favorite cities – I love the shopping. Hong Kong – I love the service, divine hotels, and restaurants. And Ibiza in the summer – I just love everything.

Our Beverly Feldman Boutique opens Wednesday, June 8, 2011 at 11AM ET.


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