Five-Minute Pow-Wow: Bernhardt Talks Furniture


Bernhardt A room Alex loves

It’s high time to feather our nest, so we went right to the source. Alex Bernhardt, whose furniture company bears his name and earns praise for its modern refinement, shares a room he loves, a little of his design sensibility, and more.

Rue La La: Who has made a huge impact on you in this industry?
ABJ: My father, Alex Bernhardt, Sr., CEO and Chairman of our company.

Rue La La: What does style mean to you?
ABJ: To me, style is the visual manifestation of one’s personality.

Rue La La: Sum up your aesthetic in three words.
ABJ: Relaxed, minimalistic, and traditional.

Rue La La: If you had to give our Members one piece of lifestyle advice, what would it be?
ABJ: Don’t be trendy in your home!

Rue La La: What three items would you leave a burning building with?
ABJ: Two vintage guitars and my young daughter’s stuffed duck!


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