Five Days x Five Ways: A Boston Fashion Resolution

New Year’s resolutions – everyone has them. If you’re anything like us, saving a little green is at the top of the list. And at the very bottom? Sacrificing style. Enter Five Days x Five Ways, a project we’re loving. Even better, it was started right here in Boston, our hometown, by three marketing professionals and bloggers who decided to create wardrobes that work as hard as they do.

Essentially, the project’s goal is to show the versatility behind one piece of clothing by proving you can take said coveted item and wear it for five days straight (don’t worry, laundry is permitted) in five different ways.

Five Days x Five Ways

From belts (like the Ball and Buck one that blogger Jess wears above) to plaid shirts, tube tops, and scarves, the three ladies are determined to get the most wear out of every item they own, repurposing one piece each week for 365 days. Sure, it seems relatively easy now, just one month in – but what happens six months down the road? Can you really pull something like this off without committing a major fashion faux pas? We’re thoroughly intrigued. Guess we’ll just have to follow and see. Bring it, ladies.

By Kim Watson, Staff Writer

Want to meet the fearless fashionistas? Join 5×5’s 1st-anniversary celebration on Wednesday, January 29, from 6 to 9PM at Warehouse Bar & Grille.

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