The Fitting Room: Best Prints for Your Body Type

When it comes to wearing prints, it’s all about what catches the eye first. It’s important to know where to place them in order to accentuate your best features and disguise those trouble areas. As an overall guideline, place printed items on areas that deserve a little extra attention.

First things first – identify your body type. We come in all shapes and sizes, but rest assured – so do prints.

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Height isn’t on your side, so make friends with vertical stripes that will lengthen your silhouette. If you’re not into stripes, keep in mind that patterns with elements larger than your fist will overpower your petite frame.

Long and Lean
Exercise your right to pull off large and bold prints. Monotonous prints will make you appear a little lanky, but a bold print will draw the eye toward the torso and away from limbs.

Pear Shape
This one’s a given: draw the eye upward by wearing a busy print on top. Play around with colors and wear that flattering floral blouse – over and over again.

Fuller Bust
The pear shape’s alter ego. Reverse the advice and choose a printed skirt or pant to offset a top-heavy appearance. Lucky for you, printed bottoms are a hot trend for spring 2013.

By Jillian Hudon, Staff Writer

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