The Fitting Room: How to Find That Perfect Shoe Size Online

I once had a friend order a pair of boots online on a whim – only to realize, when they arrived on her doorstep a few weeks later, that they were a good size and a half too big. She kept them. Nothing a good handful of tissues or sock in the toe couldn’t fix, she said. And she spent all winter clunking around in way-too-big boots.

My mission is to make sure that doesn’t happen to you. If the shoe fits? This girl is happy. So before you click “add to bag” on those adorbs booties or peep-toes, be sure you’ve done your homework.

1. Measure your feet – preferably at the end of the workday when they’re at their largest. I love this step-by-step guide for accurate measuring – all you need is a sheet of paper, pen, and a ruler or measuring tape.

2.  Let me clarify – measure BOTH feet. Yup, they might be different sizes.

3.  Know what brands and styles work for you. Then buy stock in it. I have Steve Madden “Heaven” flats in five colors. Legit. They just get my feet.

4. Do your research. You can learn a surprising amount about a brand’s fit with a simple online search.

Measured and researched and they still don’t fit? Don’t fret – you can always return them. Or, if you love them too much to let go, try cushions. I’m absolutely obsessed with Dr. Scholl’s ball of foot cushions and Foot Petals’ back of heel pads. They’re easy (and comfy) fixes to prevent slipping out of too-big shoes – no balled-up wad of tissues required.

By Joanna Berliner, Editor 

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