Fashionable Resolutions for a Brand New Year

Oh, January – you bring so much promise of self-improvement. After those past failed resolutions (go to the gym five days a week! get more sleep! stick to that splurge-free budget!), I’ve decided to tackle something a bit more fun in 2013: style. Sure, the new year brings plenty of new trends, but I’ve got my sights on something a little more personal. You see, I’m totally stuck in my wardrobe ways. But same old, same old no more – here are five ways I am updating my closet in preparation for a year of style adventures (and beyond).

Fashion Resolutions

Conquer the fear of heels: This is a challenge, because I truly do fear them. This year, I am going to really try to work a few pairs into my footwear rotation. To start? I’ve ogled booties from a distance, and may finally be ready to take the plunge.

Invest in something luxe: My budget-consious self tends to opt for quantity over quality. In 2013, I’ll work on finding some nicer pieces that, while a little pricier, will serve me well for years to come. A solid cashmere sweater seems like a great place to start.

Master stacks (upon stacks) of jewelry: I love the look of piled-on accessories, but am always afraid of overdoing it. No longer – I’m decking myself out in 2013.

Venture outside the (silhouette) comfort zone: A true Californian at heart, I typically (or, you know, always) opt for clothes with flowy shapes. It’s time to change it up and add some diversity into my wardrobe, starting with a few figure-hugging pieces. It’s scary – which means it must be worth trying.

Get some wrist bling: I’ve been eyeing a statement watch for months – something that I can wear on a daily basis, but still dress up when the mood strikes. Bonus points for my first day-to-day watch that it isn’t digital!

By Anna Kuchinsky, Staff Writer

What are your fashion resolutions for 2013? Share them in the comments below, or tweet us at @ruelala.

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