Essentials For Making It Through Fashion Week

Anything can happen during Fashion Week, and preparation is key so not a moment is missed. Here are a few things some seasoned pros couldn’t do without – as told to Lauren David Peden (one of our very favorite NYFW vets).

Fern Mallis, creator of NYFW and fashion/lifestyle consultant
“Comfortable shoes (low heels or good flats), lots of water, and breath mints.”

Haidee Findlay-Levin, editor and stylist
“Invites, BlackBerry, glasses and sunglasses, notebook and pen (I’m old-school), subway card, and cash for cabs. Bold lipstick as a distraction from the rings under my eyes. Shoes that I have already broken in. And a big enough bag to accommodate all of this as you aren’t likely to get home until night’s end.”

Patrick Butler, photographer
“Definitely a spare camera body, batteries, vitamin C, the fashion calendar, bottled water, gum, and good manners. Did I mention my iPhone?”

Lee Trimble, show producer
“It seems so boring, but the most essential thing we have is a large rolling toolbox like those you see at construction sites, filled with all the supplies we might need backstage on the day of show – clipboards, pens, zip ties, Post-its, Midol, etc. Being prepared with any supplies we might need makes our job easier and minimizes emergencies.”

Ruth Finley, president and publisher of Fashion Calendar
“A healthy breakfast.”

Steven Kolb, CFDA CEO
“I couldn’t do it without my trusted driver, Charlie. He is the best in getting to shows on time and can always spot me in a crowd.”

Viktorija Bowers, makeup artist
“Comfortable shoes! Seriously. The time when I would suffer in towering heels just to look cute are over – bring on the comfort and balance. An excellent team is a must-have, too. You are only as good as your team, and being surrounded by an amazing group of people, who besides makeup skills have amazing energy, is a must. Then you know you can weather any crisis.”

Lauren David Peden writes for Rue La La as a Contributing Editor. To read the full series of interviews, start here.


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