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5 Pieces of Clothing Every Woman over 40 Should Own


You have your personal style down pat at this point. (Nice work, younger self.) Now it’s about carefully choosing which items you should invest in, instead of heading for the fast-fashion racks. Here are five wardrobe essentials that you’ll never regret buying, since they’re timeless, they’re great quality, and they curb that “I have nothing to wear” feeling.

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An Investment Handbag

You will never regret purchasing a timeless tote, especially one that gets better with age (oh, hello, naturally worn-in leather). Stick to fairly neutral colors, like black, beige, navy or grey to avoid having your gorgeous arm candy look dated.

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A Trench Coat

The classic style works for all seasons and goes with just about any outfit. This is why it’s the perfect go-to topper to keep by the door for those times when you find yourself running late. You’re guaranteed a Parisian-chic vibe on the outside, even if you’re panicking like a madwoman on the inside.

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Power Shoes You Can Walk In

It’s tough to own the room if you trip over your stilettos on the way in. Footwear that makes you feel like a total boss is only realistic if you can actually move in them. Bold hues, sexy yet supportive straps, or even fancy flats can all make you look as badass as a pair of sky-high heels.

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A Bra That Truly Fits

Your girls have been through a lot in the past 40 years (puberty, pregnancy, Whole30), and it’s unlikely that the bras you bought five years ago are still the correct size. Do your bosom buddies a favor and go to a lingerie specialist to be properly measured and fitted.

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A Dress That Makes You Feel Confident as Hell

Whether that means having your décolletage on display or simply sporting something that hits your curves in all the right ways, a feel-good frock is really a must-have for every woman’s closet, no matter her age, and is definitely worth the splurge.

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