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nOir jewelry is a favorite among our editors to use in high-impact editorial photo shoots – not to mention glamming up their daily uniforms. We checked in with ELLE.com Fashion and Shopping Editor Sydney Wasserman for the inside scoop on the must-have jewelry line that has her whole office (and ours!) buzzing.

Rue La La: A lot of the nOir pieces are very bold (we’re talking animal shapes and serious spikes) – can people incorporate such statement jewelry into their everyday style?
Sydney: With particularly large statement jewelry, it’s all about fit. A heavy necklace shouldn’t look heavy when you’re wearing it, and it shouldn’t protrude from your dress in an awkward or uncomfortable way. Pay attention to the cut of your clothes and the particular jewelry that you’re pairing it with. For example, if it’s a collar necklace, your shirt’s neckline should be cut high or much lower. And if it’s a stack of thick bracelets, you don’t want your sleeve hanging over them.

Rue La La: When wearing a really loud item, do you usually style the rest of your outfit really simply or do you go all out in an equally daring ensemble?
Sydney: I don’t think women need to wear plain clothes in order to pull off statement jewelry. But the jewelry should flow with the silhouette of the outfit, not create two separate statements.

Rue La La: When going big, do you reach for a ring, a necklace, or a stack of bangles?
Sydney: I prefer wearing a bold necklace because I’m usually at my computer all day and a big ring or bracelet can get in the way of typing. In the warmer months, I go for a bold bracelet with a sleeveless dress – it just feels right for the season.

Rue La La: If you had to pick one celebrity who embodies the no-holds-barred style of this jewelry line, who would be?
Sydney: Beyoncé.

Rue La La: Fashion has definitely taken a turn for the ladylike – would you say that jewelry styles have followed suit?
Sydney: Not necessarily. I think the way to make the ladylike trend feel modern and refreshing is to set it off against bold accessories. A bright statement necklace looks great with a buttoned-up cardigan and pencil skirt.

Rue La La: What jewelry trend are you most excited about for spring?
Sydney: Color. I love this spring’s palette, all very shockingly bright.

Rue La La: What are a few amazing pieces being offered in tomorrow’s Boutique that caught your eye?
Sydney: [waiting on name from features: NK204] – I love this necklace because it’s so wearable. It has the right amount of personality with the colored stone and bold size, but it’s not too overbearing on an outfit. I would wear it with a mini shift dress or just a T-shirt and cropped jacket. And [waiting on name from features: EP6042] – these make great everyday earrings. The shape is flattering to the neckline, especially when wearing your hair up.

Rue La La: We love the edgy, attention-stealing details of this line – what’s one signature detail you can’t live without?
Sydney: I have to say, wearing pavé stones always puts more bounce in my step!

Our ELLE: nOir Boutique opens April 28, 2011 at 11AM ET.


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