4 Tricks to Instantly Update Your Bed

Meet Eddie Ross, our new Home Editorial Director. That is, if you don’t already know him. Eddie’s a home aficionado. He’s worked for glossies like House Beautiful, Martha Stewart Living, Southern Living, and beyond – and did a two-season stint on Bravo’s Top Design.

Simply put, he knows his stuff (and is more than willing to dish his secrets). So, in honor of today’s bedroom-centric Boutiques, I jumped at the chance to get his take on the most important piece of furniture you own: your bed. Here, he talks everything from pattern mixing to the secret behind perfect sheets. Prop those pillows – your sleep space is in for a refresher.

Image via Miki Duisterhof 

Trick #1: It all begins with the bed.
“The easiest way to update your master suite is simply changing the bed. Now that we’re getting into the colder months, there are so many things you can do – put down a new, heavier duvet, add some more cozy pillows. One of the things I love about shopping on Rue is that you can afford to do this often. You can buy multiple high-end items, get two sets of sheets, and mix and match on your bed to create your own look.”

Trick #2: Have some fun with it. 
“Don’t be afraid to play with color and pattern. Right now I love mixing a pattern with a solid. But remember that if you have too much pattern on a bed, it can be overwhelming – kind of like a funhouse. Choose a patterned duvet, a tone-on-tone matte coverlet, and mix a couple patterned pillows in with solid-colored ones to add visual interest to your bed.”

Trick #3: Cozy things up with texture.
“I love to play with different textures. It’s great to have flannels and quilts and faux fur and ultra suede pillows. The whole room gets a more youthful look – it’s not so hotel-like. I love adding texture to a headboard, too. Take a simple upholstered headboard and throw a quilt over it to give it a different look. Or try a faux fur throw – drape it over the headboard and tuck it into the mattress in the back. It makes everything a little cozier.”

Trick #4: Know the secret to perfect sheets.
“Here’s a stylist secret: If there’s no time to iron those sheets, there’s nothing better than having ironed pillowcases. If you just iron your pillowcases – and maybe the top 12 inches of the sheets – you get all the luxury without the work. And don’t dry the sheets totally in the dryer. Dry them until they’re still a tad bit damp. When you put them on the bed after, it’s almost like they iron themselves out.”

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By Joanna Berliner, Editor

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