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Credit: Elizabeth Roberts Architecture & Design

15 Easy Bathroom Storage Ideas That Don’t Scream ‘DIY’

StyleCaster | Hannah Hickok

When I hear the phrase “DIY,” my eyes glaze over the same way they do when people start talking about 401ks: No matter how I try, I’m just not interested, and I probably never will be on more than a minimally polite level. What I am interested in, though, is keeping my apartment organized – no small challenge in the tiny one I live in – and doing it affordably.

Thankfully, these particular smart, simple DIY storage solutions won’t make me (or you) cringe – because they look nothing like something made by an adolescent having a crafty phase. From creative ways to store towels to low-energy solutions, you’ll want to steal all 15 of these strategies for your own bathroom.

Credit: Nicole Ramsay/Inside Out

Use a cool coat rack to hang towels.

Credit: Shannon McGrath/Inside Out

Install a counter with open shelving under your sink – and don’t bother finishing the wood for a raw, industrial-cool storage space.

Credit: Elizabeth Roberts Architecture & Design

Instead of taking up precious wall space by hanging towels, try rolling them up tightly and storing them on easy-to-reach shelves.

Credit: Jenny Wolf Interiors

Keep clean towels in a basket by the tub or shower.

Credit: Elizabeth Roberts Architecture & Design

Use a pretty basket to keep random products and objects in one place and out of sight.

Credit: Elizabeth Roberts Architecture & Design

Instead of letting necessities like tissues, soap, lotion, and plants clutter up countertops, install small, unobtrusive shelving units so they’re accessible but not in the way.

Credit: Daniella Witte

Use a small wooden basin or catch-all for towels that need to be washed.

Credit: Elizabeth Roberts Architecture & Design

Use a small tray to cluster toiletries together – it makes your countertops look sleeker and more organized.

Credit: Daniella de Witte

Install hooks on the wall and even on shelves under the vanity mirror so you can tame miscellany like clothing hangers and jewelry.

Credit: Nordic Design

Try using unconventional storage methods from other spaces in the bathroom – office filing cabinets, for instance, work nicely here.

Credit: Jenny Wolf Interiors

Install shelves (they can be freestanding ones you hang yourself) all the way up to the ceiling in one color to keep toiletries and towels.

Credit: Nordic Design

Place hooks not just at shoulder height but also on the low side, to make the most of wall space.

Credit: Megan Pflug Designs

Store towels in a standing basin.

Credit: Tia Borgsmidt/Nordic Design

Use little nooks and built-in spaces as shelves for makeup and toiletries – plus, trays, baskets, and hooks!

Credit: Nordic Design

Store larger bathroom items in a wire basket instead of a tray.

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