Rue How-To: Dressing for A Summer Concert


William Rast

There’s nothing quite like a late summer concert. The days are still long, the air still warm, and the amplifiers still cranked to 11. Whether you’re hitting up a free show on the Brooklyn waterfront or taking in a set at The Fillmore, we believe in looking backstage fresh. Who knows, you might be called on stage for a guest appearance.

Luckily, the solution to the concert fashion quandary is a quick fix. We’re loving the rocker appeal of William Rast, the clothing company founded by Justin Timberlake and Tracy Ayala. This is the look of the world-tour, lifestyle-premium denim (that looks better unwashed, after several consecutive days of wear), tailored leather jackets (preferably in the iconic black of the Ramones), and essential graphic Ts. Of all pieces, the graphic T is most emblematic of the anti-hero vibe that comes from being under the bright lights and elusively answering questions from interviewers. It has sass and attitude, and is not afraid of being in your face. It is the definition of swagger.

If an indie rock concert is in the plans, try black jeans and a form-fitting T for admiring looks from the Williamsburg set. Complement the dark denim with a simple canvas sneaker or a mid-height boot. The fit of the denim for guys should be a bit looser than skinny jeans, but not overly baggy – you want to be noticed, but not in the “look at that guy in the wide-leg jeans circa 1996” kind of way. Boyfriend jeans on women send a “not trying to impress” vibe.

At a hip-hop or electronica show jeggings look right on women, and the stretch factor makes it easier to move. On guys, a lighter shade of denim in distressed cuts is a sure shot – we prefer a slightly roomier fit (for easy dancing). Pair them with plain white Ts or a subdued graphic shirt that is more urban swagger than rocker moodiness. Sneakers, preferably high-tops, amp up the funkiness.

Regardless of genre or cultural scene, William Rast lends itself to the musically inclined. Either from the front row, the lawn seats, or up in the box (for the arena shows), experience summer tunes in style. Channel your inner rocker, rapper, or DJ. Kick out the jams.


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