The Feast is Coming! (So Dress Accordingly)

Let’s face it: no one wants to be in anything but sweats when it comes to gorging on a huge meal (namely, the hugest meal of the year) – which means dressing for Thanksgiving, killer style retained, takes a little strategy.

Follow these tips and nothing will stand in the way of you and that (much-deserved) plate of seconds.

Stick to dark colors.
Red wine, gravy, corn – the list of Thanksgiving stain offenders goes on. That said, if you stay away from anything light-colored, chance spillage will be totally camouflaged.

Nothing constricting!
This one goes without saying. Who wants to be reminded that, while eating that second slice of pecan pie, one’s body is expanding to fit that second slice of pecan pie? Go for a super-oversized top plus leggings, then dress them up with boots and a scarf – and enjoy those multiple helpings. (That’s what Thanksgiving’s about, after all.)

Make sure sitting (for a long period of time) isn’t a struggle.
That too-tight waistband? Save it for Day 3 of a juice cleanse.

Transferability from dinner table to couch is key.
Tryptophan isn’t just a legend – it’s real. Keep things loose and comfy and, if a nap just so happens to strike while lounging on the couch post-dinner, you’re dressed for it.

By Sarah Stanley, Staff Writer

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