Do Good and Live Well: A Moment with the Founder of charitybuzz



We’re big fans of indulgence, and the idea that indulging can actually do good perked up our ears. Charitybuzz brings together the most wholly original and utterly luxurious offerings, all in support of some of the causes that matter most. We’re so excited about our Shop for Good – charitybuzz Boutique (opening tomorrow!), and we jumped at the chance to get a moment with charitybuzz CEO and co-founder Coppy Holzman.

Rue La La: Where did this drive to “do good” originate? 
Coppy: It began with my childhood and the priorities given to me by my family. My mother just died this past Thursday night after a long illness, and I am more motivated than ever to follow the legacy that she gave me to make a difference in the world.

Rue La La: Charitybuzz is like nothing we’ve ever heard of. Your inspiration?
Coppy: I had finished my conventional career which was in retailing and wanted to take my consumer focus and online expertise to the non-profit sector. The idea for charitybuzz was a natural evolution of my prior work experience – but with a priority to give back.

Rue La La: How do you decide what makes the charitybuzz cut?
Coppy: We focus on customer service and only offer unique experiences, fabulous merchandise, and luxury vacations. We work with our partner charities in a close collaborative fashion to always create unique experiences that will generate “buzz.” 

Rue La La: How do you bring social responsibility into the daily grind (besides shopping on charitybuzz, of course)?
Coppy: Listening to people, finding out how you can help in any way, generally treating people, corporations, celebrities in a manner that is upbeat and positive. Being nice.

Our Shop for Good – charitybuzz Boutique opens Wednesday, April 21st at 11AM ET.


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