Disconnect to Reconnect: The Digital-Detox Vacation Trend

Think about it: days on end without a single email notification or text message. Nothing but you, your travel buddy, and clear-blue skies. Sounds peaceful, right? Well, you’re in luck. Zero-technology getaways – or “digital detoxes” as they’ve been dubbed by some – are on the rise. And we’re all for them.

Zero-Technology Getaways

Digital-detox retreats come in a range of intensities and locations. Below, we’ve compiled a quick rundown of your options.

The All-In
For dedicated detoxers

If you want to go cold turkey, head to resorts like The Ranch in Malibu where you’ll be asked to trade in mobile devices upon check-in to “gain clarity and peace of mind.”

The As-You-Like-It
For intermediate detoxers 

At destinations like Via Yoga in Costa Rica or Mexico and Keyonna Beach in Antigua (one of our favorites), you choose just how off-the-grid you want to be. They provide no-TV, no-radio rooms and you decide whether to ditch your phone.

The Urban Escape
For beginner detoxers 

Unplugging in a city is doable now that hotels like Dublin’s Westin have begun providing packages complete with a detox survival kit, in-room massages, and a safe to lock your gadgets away in.

The Do-It-Yourself
For anyone & everyone

You don’t always have to find a specific device-free location to unwind. Simply book accommodations that don’t offer Wi-Fi or a TV (think cabin in the woods), hit the road, and leave your smartphone behind.

Are you up for a device-free getaway? Our Keyonna Beach Resort – Antigua Boutique opened Tuesday, July 31, at 11AM ET.

By Emily Ketterer, Staff Writer

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