Destination Denim: The Pieces to Pack for Instant Style


Destination Denim

As an avid traveler, I’m constantly packing and re-packing. Denim is one of my favorite suitcase essentials because not only is it durable and great for travel, but it goes with just about everything. Denim is appropriate for most occasions, and should be a vital part of everyone’s wardrobe in some shape or form. Today, denim is available in everything from shirts to sandals, so the jean pool is much more diverse than you may think. Below I’ve outlined my denim must-haves for any trip:

The newest must-have in denim, jean leggings are the sexy necessity of the season. They’re ideal travel gear because they’re cute and comfy, and work well on the plane. Plus, it’s a great alternative to saggy sweats.

Jean Jacket
I still wear the same one I bought in Italy nearly a decade ago. Find one that you love and wear it with anything and everything. Put it over a dress or pair it with your favorite skinny jeans (as long as they’re not the exact same shade).

Distressed Cut-Offs
For years, celebs have been sporting this look, some better than others. Splurge on a pair of chic designer denim duds that are fabulously frayed, or take an old pair of your favorite jeans and cut them yourself. But be careful not to cut them too short (à la Britney Spears) – the Bermuda length is definitely in for spring.

Dark Denim
The ultimate in sophistication. It’s universally flattering and is great for dressy or casual occasions. Find a pair that fits you like a glove and pair with a classic white tee, a blazer, and a pair of high heels. Guys, dark denim with a blazer works for you too (trust us).

Denim Accessories
Yes, they’re back. Accessorize with a pair of denim shoes or a handbag, and there are even wallets out there for the guys. And during the summer, denim bikinis will also be an option. It’s a fabric that can go with virtually anything.

So pack light (or dark). Either way, the result will always be stylish.


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