In Defense of the Wristwatch

Mobile phones taking over as primary timekeeper? Not on our watch.


10 Reasons a Wristwatch Will Always be Superior to a Mobile Phone Clock:  

1. They create an excuse for visiting this magical place.

2. Bracelet jumbles look infinitely cooler when a gleaming watch is nestled within.

3. Clutching your phone at a cocktail party will always be a no-go.

4. Nostalgia is eternally en vogue.

5. Digging around in your bag just to check the time runs risk of marring even the toughest manicures.

6. Nothing good comes from whipping a smartphone out during a meeting.

7. Phones have yet to master deep-sea diving.

8. Hello, instant heirloom.

9. Wristwatches don’t unapologetically freeze on you. Or lose service. Or instantly succumb to water damage, only to get you in trouble with their technicians.

10. One word: Style.

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By Sarah Stanley, Staff Writer

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