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9 Times David Beckham Melted Our Hearts on Instagram


In a world filled with handsome celebrity dads who change diapers with the precision of a Swiss timepiece and honor mommy’s desire for a no-screens household, there is one big poppa who reigns supreme. David Beckham is arguably one of the most gorgeous human beings, but he’s also a doting father and an adoring husband who’s not above posting pictures of his children’s drawings on Instagram. Though nearly every photo he shares makes us swoon, let’s revel in these nine posts in which David Beckham and his family-man ways melted our hearts.

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1. When He Began His Quest for Best Father Ever

It’s hard to believe that 18 years ago, our personal favorite Spice Girl and the only professional soccer player we know by name welcomed their firstborn son, Brooklyn. Clearly, time has treated both men well. 

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2. When He Was Overjoyed at the Sight of His Daughter Riding a Bike

He can’t contain himself, and we can’t stop watching. 

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3. When He Was in Awe of His 17th Wedding Anniversary

Beckham says that he fell in love with wife Victoria at first sight. “She was obviously there for a reason, and I was hoping that I was that reason,” he said in an interview. Um, swoon.

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4. When He Was the Happiest Birthday Dad in All of the United Kingdom

His pleased smile, the little boys in suits… we just can’t. 

And Happy Easter from me and my little friend 🐥

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5. When He Made a New Friend

Not sure who’s cuter, the fluffy yellow duckling or the scruffy Beckham. 

Nice day in NYC & a great few hours at the Natural History Museum ❤❤❤❤ Keeping the littlest ones busy whilst mum works on the collection ……

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6. When He Took the Kids Out So Mum Could Work

The dream. Dad takes the kids so we can have a little peace and quiet, and they do something educational.

It makes me very proud that the money that the 7 Fund provide has helped these amazing mothers to give birth to perfectly healthy HIV negative baby’s … ❤️ @unicef

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7. When He Reminded Us (Again) How Much He Loves Children

For over ten years, Beckham has worked with UNICEF to protect children’s rights. In 2015, he launched his own branch of the foundation, called 7: The David Beckham UNICEF Fund, with the aim to bring relief to children affected by malnutrition, AIDS, and other devastating maladies. So, his heart is beautiful too. 

Happy mama’s day to another amazing mummy … Someone that has raised these beautiful little ones to be the most precious , special and loved children … A woman that has drive , passion , intelligence and love for her children what gets any better than that ?? Thank you for giving me the most beautiful gift 💜💜💜💜 @victoriabeckham @romeobeckham ( to all the mums have an amazing day ) ❤

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8. When He Penned a Mother’s Day Love Letter to His Wife

Pardon, we’re just a little choked up. 

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9. And Finally, When He Posted This Dreamy Dad Selfie

Daddy’s little girl clearly has the key to his heart, and we’d really like to borrow it. 

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