I Came for the (Free) Dinner: Is Dating for the Food Immoral?

Everything tastes better when it’s free. Or, at least, that’s the motto New York Magazine: The Cut’s latest person of interest lives by – a 24-year-old broke Toronto woman who uses dating sites for the sole purpose of snagging herself free dinner.

According to her Tumblr, Erin Wotherspoon joined “a slew of dating sites to find a man, any man, even a woman to finance [a] delectable venture into the maze of Toronto’s hottest resto nabes.”

Now, maybe it’s just me, but – seriously? Get a job.

Don’t get me wrong. Free is lovely, and I will continue to gladly accept the office-provided Halloween candy that sits in front of me as I type and the occasional boyfriend-gifted Malbec. But the idea of serial dating with the sole purpose of racking up free foie gras and oysters at the city’s “hottest resto nabes” (not a real word – I already Googled it) is, above all else, unfair.

It’s no better than saying, “Hey, I’m looking for marriage,” when you really want a one-night stand. And it only helps to perpetuate the age-old notion that a woman’s livelihood depends on a man.

Which makes me worried for the growing number of today’s singles who seek to find their soulmates on reputable dating sites like… Tinder.

By Joanna Berliner, Editor

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