Rue Sneak Preview: Cyber Monday

Sure, the turkey is still waiting to be devoured, but it’s never to early to start planning for the biggest Internet shopping day of the year. Cyber Monday is rapidly approaching, and this year, we’ve stocked the big day with too-perfect gifts for everyone on your list (think of it as our own little gift to you).


So here are our can’t-miss Boutiques, sure to get that list all checked off early – and of course, easily. (Who couldn’t use a little more easy?)


This one should already be on your radar. At 8AM, we’re starting our Today’s Fix: Special Holiday Edition Boutique. 24 (incredible) Today’s Fixes in 24 hours? Enough said.

11AM ET:

We’re kicking off our favorite hour with a bang – and a luxurious one, at that. Vintage Rolex and Cartier watches, SOREL winter shoes (for the whole family), Barbara Bixby jewelry, and Yves Saint Laurent – classically luxe clothes, shoes, and accessories for both men and women. Plus, we’ve put together a few of our very own Gift Boutiques, practically overflowing with hand-picked gifts for men, women, and children. There’s something for everyone – and trust us, these gifts will be fondly remembered for years to come.

But we’re not done yet. Not by a long shot.


To fully pack the entire day with incredible finds, we’re launching three more gift-friendly Boutiques at 3PM. French cookware from Le Creuset, made-in-Maine indulgences from Stonewall Kitchen, and elegant serveware from Arte Italica fill out the afternoon. For all those aspiring chefs and foodies, these Boutiques are not to be missed.

And if you are (somehow) still in search of something for that that has-everything person on your list? Don’t forget about our Get Gifty Boutique – always open, and always getting refreshed with brand-new items.

So go ahead and set your reminders (if you even need them). Cyber Monday is getting closer by the minute.

Our Cyber Monday Boutiques open Monday, November 26, at 8AM ET, 11AM ET, and 3PM ET.


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