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8 New Camping Trends That Are Way Comfortable

I am not a camper. Sleep-away camp (which I loved) is as close as I have ever gotten. But I must say, knowing that I can bring a portable shower and sleep in a glam tent, I might change my mind. Whip out the canteen!

Bari Schorr The Good-Life Guru


It happens to the best of us: Summer hits. You hear the call of the wild. You want to commune with nature. But you just really like modern conveniences – like pillows. Good news! The camping scene has been drastically updated (think gourmet s’mores and actual showers). Here are eight ways to have a totally comfortable, enjoyable, and all-around delicious camping experience (without sleeping on the ground with a rock in your back).

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Sleep in a Tree House

Live out your childhood dreams of hanging out all night in a tree house – just now with running water and a comfy bed (oh, and a toilet). Airbnb now offers little cottages from Georgia to Hawaii, and even in the U.K., for an elevated camping experience like none other. We’re about to book the one with a wood-fired lunar sauna.

Airbnb Trees & Zzzs ($37 to $350 per night)

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Pitch an Awesome Tent

If you still want to pitch your own tent, though, go for it. Just make sure it’s a new bell tent that’s roomy enough for your comfy poufs and pillows and totally waterproof and cute enough for your Instagram feed.

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You’re a grown woman: You should wear only nice lingerie and you should never be caught in a sleeping bag. A portable inflatable mattress and frame is your M.O. for sleeping alfresco. Not only is it better for your back, but it means you’ll be off the ground and away from any creepy crawlies. Not today, night bugs. Not. Today.


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Eat Cool Campfire Food

Let’s cut to the chase: Vacation is as much about the food as anything else, and your pleasant camping jaunt is no exception. These days, food lovers pack gourmet mint chocolates for grasshopper s’mores, and retro foil-wrapped campfire dinners are back.

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Make It Twinkle

Hang your own battery-powered string lights around your camp, because they’re pretty. Enough said.

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Use Real Drinkware

It feels a lot more sophisticated than wine in a Solo cup, and an acrylic version means no harm, no foul when one gets stepped on.

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Fill a Growler with Iced Coffee

Hey, just because you’re spending a few days off the beaten path doesn’t mean all lifelines need to be cut. Stick this in your cabin’s mini fridge or in a cooler. And if your camping trip is on the shorter side, a super-cute S’well steel water bottle will also do the trick.

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Pack a Shower

Yes, a battery-operated handheld shower. But if you’re just going for an overnighter, Yuni shower sheets will do just fine.

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