Color Crushing: Men’s Brights for Fall

Years ago, a friend told me something that stuck: “All you need is a nice suit and a perfectly tailored button-down, and you can fool your way into anything.” 

Now, I’m not certain if his intentions were pure (cue: a scene from Wedding Crashers) but, regardless, I beg to differ. With every male on earth donning the same “nice” getup (dark suit, white shirt, check!) how on earth are you supposed to charm your way into anything?

So, I challenge you: This fall, imbue a bit of personality into your buttoned-up wardrobe with pops of unexpected, vibrant color. Here’s how:

How to Make Your Fall Wardobe Colorful


Pink: Traditionally, pink means compassion. But on a man I think it means I’m confident. Try a bright pink tie paired with a white shirt and grey suit and prepare to look sharp, not silly.

Yellow: In fall, I like to call it marigold or mustard. Worn in touches – a stripe on a shirt here, a pattern on a tie there – it’s awesomely rich next to navy.

Blue: Okay, blue’s a standard. But striped with purple or checked with red, it can be loads of fun – and still comfort-zone safe.

Orange: I love a good orange – and there’s no better way to add that little punch of it than a pocket square. They’re big this fall – for men and women. Simply follow this guide to folding and tuck into a tweed blazer or sharp navy suit jacket.

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By Joanna Berliner, Editor 

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