Go Ahead – Check Off Your List

These are the gifts we’re giving to all of the small fries, mini-me’s, and teeny-tiny tots on our list (no matter whether they’re naughty or nice).

For the artist: Short of donning a sideways beret, an easel is the best bet for the wee Matisse.

For the party girl: With a bow in her hair, an apple-cranberry in hand, and all the right dance moves, this velvet dress is the uniform of pint-sized merrymakers.

For the small-time cook: Inspire the young culinary artist to whip up the tastiest delights (all imaginary, of course).

For the daredevil: For the scream-at-the-top-of-their-lungs roller coaster riders and kids who can’t be bothered with scraped knees, the ultimate joy rides.

You can find all of the above gifts (and a gazillion more) in our Little Rue Boutique opening tonight at 8PM ET. Make sure to hide whatever you pick out carefully and keep watch for sneaky little present-shakers.


Give Style: Give $10 To Every Stylish Friend