Behind the Brand: LAGOS

Always classic, yet effortlessly on-trend – it’s no surprise LAGOS’ glittering, textured jewelry makes the top of any modern-day woman’s wish list. Here, we talk inspiration, design and more with the man behind the buzzed-about brand himself – Steven Lagos. Let’s just say, we’re more than a bit jealous of his 35-year-long career.

You’re such a huge presence in the jewelry industry. How did you first get started?
I always knew that I wanted to be an artist. In my high school years, I experimented with many forms of art including sculpting, drawing and painting. I always believed that jewelry is one of the most personal, significant forms of art, and so I set out to start LAGOS in 1977.

Congrats on 35 years!  What have been some of the most exciting moments over the decades?
There have been so many exciting times. I think the best parts have always involved the people, because jewelry is so personal and emotional. Also, our customers are so terrific. They seek out our creations and attach their emotions. We’re part of their lives. It’s pretty special.

Is there anything in particular that inspires your designs, year after year?
I love to travel. I have been traveling to Europe and Asia for so many years and am inspired in a new way each time. The architecture I see abroad plays a huge role in my creative process, and I’m always observing on the street – how women choose to accessorize on their way to work or to an event at night. It’s always interesting when I meet people and talk about their jewelry – they know exactly when and why they got it, even if they just bought it for themselves.

Your signature Caviar design is so unique. How’d it make its way to your jewelry?
It all started with these hematite beads, twisted strings of beads that looked like caviar, and that became the namesake of the collection. Then, I kept developing different ideas using that same theme. It caught on and became our signature. We’ve been doing this collection for 25 years, and it is definitely the hallmark of LAGOS design.

And the big question: Do you wear your own jewelry?
I don’t wear a lot, but of course I do!

Coveting a piece from this ultra luxe collection? Check out our LAGOS Boutique, opening Tuesday, August 14, at 11AM ET.

By Joanna Berliner, Editor 

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