Chanel Through the Years

Since the eponymous designer herself donned the first armful of bangles, Chanel jewelry has transcended trends and defined decades. From cuffs to studs, they stun and mesmerize all. With the help of our friends at Madison Avenue Couture, the premier dealer of pre-owned Chanel, we took a look back at a few of these to-die-for pieces.

These seven symbols, from shamrocks to shoes, remain on the forefront of early Chanel iconography, symbolizing luck and style. The quilted leather handbag and perfume bottle embody the legacy of Coco Chanel.

The camellia is the flower of choice for Chanel lovers – at once feminine and refined it was Coco’s favorite flower, symbolizing a long life and purity.

First featured on a bottle of Chanel No. 5 perfume in 1925, the interlocking double-C emblem is one of the most-recognized faces in luxury fashion and now the legendary brand avatar.

The turn-lock is a simple twist on the double-C, representing the closure of the iconic range of 2.55 leather bags – the signature sign of Chanel.

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