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7 Pics of Short-Haired Celebs That Prove You Should Cut Your Hair

StyleCaster | Ruby Buddemeyer

If the question “Should I cut my hair?” has been asked by you at least once in the last decade, let us answer it for you right now: Yes. Duh. Immediately. Please. Because even if the last time you chopped off your hair was in fifth grade, after which you cried hysterically on the car ride home (*raises hand*), vowing to never again cut your hair above your boobs, we’re here to tell you that you’re missing out – like, hardcore. Because 2017 has been the year of lobbed-off cuts, with just about every celebrity taking to Instagram on a weekly basis to show off their newly cropped hair, including Bella Hadid’s angled lob, Lucy Hale’s chin-length bob, and Zoë Kravitz’s wispy pixie. And yes, we’re in love.

Of course, we know that you’re not a celebrity or model, but it doesn’t mean you can’t copy the very same bobs, lobs, and pixies you’ve seen plastered all over your Instagram. Because when it comes down to it, the only thing you really need to try out a short cut this season is a basic knowledge of your face shape – and that’s where we come in. So to give you hella inspiration (and encouragement), we’ve rounded up seven of the best celebrity haircuts broken down by face shape to make sure you pick the most flattering cut. Click through for our picks, and then please cut your hair right this very second (or, okay, as soon as your stylist can fit you in).

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Long, Angled Bob

Best For: Oval faces

Okay, so if you were gifted an oval-shaped face, you’ve basically hit the jackpot when it comes to experimenting with haircuts. Don’t get us wrong, every face shape has a super-flattering angle, but oval faces are the easiest to complement. So since you’ve got room to play around, try something a bit edgy like Bella Hadid’s sleek, angled bob, which starts out slightly shorter in the back then slopes diagonally down toward the clavicles in the front.

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Layered, Textured Lob

Best For: Round faces

Instead of getting a cheek-bone-level cut – which can actually make a round face look wider – opt for a choppy, texturized bob that hits right above the shoulders, like Demi Lovato’s. The short, scattered layers give a round face the illusion of more-angular cheekbones, and the soft, wavy finish keeps the cut from looking too severe.

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Choppy Bob with Bangs

Best For: Square faces

As much as we love them, straight-across, super-blunt bangs will accentuate square foreheads, so ask for wispy, parted bangs, like Rihanna’s, to soften up the angles of your face, then pair them with a choppy bob that hits around your chin line to offset angular jaws.

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Angled Bob with Long Layers

Best For: Heart-shaped faces

Selena Gomez’s angled bob is basically a dream for heart-shaped faces. Its long, shoulder-level length will help deemphasize the most rounded points of your face, while the face-framing layers will help fill out the pointed angles of your chin.

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Grown-Out, Feathered Pixie

Best For: Oval and round faces

A Tinker Bell–level pixie is the perfect opportunity for the less-angled of faces to get a bit risky, and one that’s grown-out and softly swept across the forehead, like Jennifer Lawrence’s, helps define cheekbones while giving the illusion of a more angular jaw.

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Gradient Bob

Best For: Square faces

A blunt bob can highlight a super-squared-off jaw, so go the way of Lucy Hale and try a slightly, slightly angled bob (we’re talkin’ pieces around the face only a tiny bit longer than at the neck) that hits just under the chin to elongate, rather than widen, the face.

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Long, Layered Lob

Best For: Heart-shaped faces

A layered, shoulder-length lob with a side part, à la Sarah Hyland’s, helps minimize the widest points of the forehead, giving a more balanced ratio to triangle, heart-shaped faces. Just make sure the shortest of your layers start below the chin to fill out the space around your jawline.

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