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10 Super-Easy Healthy-Travel Tips We Can Learn from Celebrities

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When you’re jet-setting across the world and exploring new places, the last thing on your mind is staying fit and healthy. (Why work out in your hotel when you can gorge on pizza in Italy or down a few bowls of ramen in Japan?) And though it’s everyone choice to exercise or eat healthy on their vacation, frequent traveling can spin your self-care and fitness routine out of whack.

A-list jet-setters like Lily Aldridge, Karlie Kloss, and Jessica Alba likely know this firsthand, which is why they’ve come up with several nifty travel secrets to have fun on trips, while still not going crazy. To take a page from their well-traveled passports, we rounded up ten celebrity-approved tips on how to stay fit and healthy while on the go. From clever in-hotel workout hacks to how to make sure your vacation is germ-free, check out these stars’ healthy travel tips, ahead.

Karlie Kloss: Use Fitness Apps in Lieu of Classes and a Personal Trainer

To stay fit while on the road, Kloss uses fitness apps (her personal favorite is Nike Training Club) and works out in the comfort of her hotel room, in lieu of classes or a personal trainer. “I’m a big fan of Nike Training Club. It’s convenient and easy to use, a great substitute for a personal trainer,” she told the New York Times. “I use the app mostly when I travel and can’t make it to a gym for a workout.”

Along with relying on technology to tone up on trips, Kloss is also known to pack carry-on-sized weights and resistance bands to have a piece of the gym at all times. “I travel quite a bit and spend a lot of time staying in hotels in different cities. It’s hard to find gyms and workout studios when you’re away from home and on the move,” she told “My solution is to travel with a couple of weights and resistance bands and do a quick 20-minute workout in my hotel room.”

Jessica Alba: Use Circulation Socks

Alba first heard of circulation socks, which promote blood flow, when she was pregnant as a way to make sure she didn’t form a blood clot in her feet. Now, she swears by the product on flights to make sure her blood is flowing on long airplane rides.

“I read that pregnant women can get blood clots when they’re traveling – when they’re in a place for too long – so that opened my mind to circulation socks. I always have them now [when I travel],” she told Travel + Leisure.

Gwyneth Paltrow: Spray Down Plane Seats with Colloidal Silver

To make sure planes and hotel rooms are extra cleans for her and her kids, Paltrow sprays Higher Nature’s High Stability Active Silver to kill germs. The product has antibacterial and antiviral powers, ensuring that no one in her family gets sick on their vacation. “They say that active silver keeps germs at bay, so I spray this in the air around me when I sit down. It’s worth the few odd looks,” she wrote on Goop.

Malin Akerman: Pack Healthy Snacks Beforehand

To stray away from unhealthy airplane and airport food, Akerman makes it a mission to pack or make healthy snacks before a trip so she isn’t tempted to reach for junk. “Be prepared, and the night before, go and buy some healthy snacks,” she told us. “When you’re on the go, you just grab whatever is in front of you, and most of the time, they’re not healthy choices. So I think getting prepared the night before and making yourself some healthy snacks is the best way to do it.”

Lily Aldridge: Use Hotel Water Bottles as DIY Weights

Along with FaceTiming her personal trainer and packing a yoga mat in her suitcase, Aldridge has also used hotel water bottles as mini DIY weights to tone up on a trip. “Once you get your routine down, you can do it in your hotel room,” she told Travel + Leisure. “I’ve used water bottles from hotel rooms as weights for my arms and I do little lifts.”

(Pro tip: You can order dumbbells and sometimes treadmills at most hotel concierge desks, as recommended by Lionel Richie to Forbes.)

Khloé Kardashian: Buy a Gallon of Water and Finish It Before Landing

To make sure she’s hydrated on long, dry flights, Kardashian plays a game with herself: Buy a gallon of water before a flight and make it your mission to finish it before you land. Though it might make you need to take several trips to the bathroom, the reality star swears that water and hydration is the best way to avoid jet lag and fatigue.

“I always buy a liter of water before my flight and my goal is to finish it before I land,” she told Health. “Also, since I’m so crazy about my hands, the second I sit down, I put on cuticle oil. Even though I put sunscreen on my hands every day, my cuticles are still so dry, so I make sure to take care of that right away. I also like to spritz my face with rosewater spray to keep moisture locked in. Plus, it just feels really nice.”

Kate Hudson: Pack Fitness DVDs

As the founder of Fabletics, one of the most popular athleisure brands out there, Hudson knows a thing or two about staying fit while on vacation. The actress touts fitness DVDs, which can be easily stowed away in suitcases, as an excellent way to get a workout in on a busy trip.

“I travel often, and while it can be easy to neglect my workout when I’m away from home, I find that sticking with my fitness routine helps me to feel my best and keep the momentum going once I’m back. Fitness DVDs can also be a great resource when on the road – I’m always sure to pack mine,” Hudson told Vogue Australia.

Eva Longoria: Go for a Run and See the Sights

Immediately after touching down somewhere, Longoria goes for a run. Though it might be hard to start a workout immediately after a flight, the actress recommends cardio as a great way to fight off jet lag and see your new location.

“Every time I land in Paris, I go for a run along the Seine River and under the Eiffel Tower – magical every time,” she told Forbes.

Adriana Lima: Pack a Jump Rope

For Lima, the easiest exercise equipment she can pack in a suitcase is a jump rope. The model makes sure the accessory is always in her suitcase so she can do a little bit of cardio and get her heart rate up in the hotel room before heading out for the day. “A good trick of mine is packing a jump rope and doing ten minutes in my room first thing in the morning to get my heart rate up,” she told CR Fashion Book.

Lindsey Vonn: Stay Away from Airplane Bathrooms

Though not using the restroom on a flight might seem like a challenge to most, Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn warns against using airplane bathrooms. In an interview with Well and Good, the athlete said she was told by a nurse that airplane bathrooms are some of the most contaminated and germy places out there. (No thank you!)

“I try not to use the bathroom on the airplane at all costs,” Vonn said. “It’s very difficult, but you just hold it in. [My friend who’s a nurse] was telling me all the different bacterias in the airplane bathroom, and it freaked me out.”

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